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Kurrende 5pieces with nature cape, height: 3,35 inchKurrende black with chirch, 10parts, height: 5,12 inchKurrende 5pieces black, height: 1,77 inchKurrende 5pieces nature, height: 2,16 inchKurrende 5pieces black, height: 2,16 inch
Kurrende 3pieces black, height: 7,87 inchKurrende 3pieces nature, height: 7,87 inchKurrende 3pieces black, height: 11,81 inchKurrende 3pieces lower part black, cape nature, height: 19,68 inchKurrende 3pieces black, height: 19,68 inch
Kurrende 3-teilig schwarz  H.: 14 cmKurrende black, 3pieces, height: 2,75 inch